Another 555 Contest Entry
An analogue video game!

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I'm at it again... This is a game made mostly with 555 timers, twenty-three to be exact, and is to be displayed on a television with a composite input. It's a sort of dodge ball game, the idea is to hit the other player with a ball while dodging theirs. You can't have more than one shot on the screen at a time per player and if they hit each other they will annihilate each other. When a player is hit, the game pauses for three seconds.

Direct capture of the game

Playing a few rounds

Things to look at:
Diagram Page 1
Diagram Page 2
Diagram Page 3
Diagram Page 4
Diagram Page 5
Picture of the board

If you find any errors in the schematic, please contact me! My email is listed here

A note on controllers: I used standard Atari paddles for the game, but they had to be modified to give a voltage output instead of a current output. This can be done by soldering a wire link between the black wire on the button to the unused terminal on the variable resistor.