Homebrew 8080 Computer

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This small section will be dedicated to the 8088/V20 computer I'm currently working on. When I've finished with it (and I almost have) it will be given to a friend.

The system is a basic Intel 8088 or NEC V20 system running in Minimum mode with 640kB of static RAM from old 386's and 486's. It currently has one serial port driven by an 8251 USART and a simple AT/IDE hard drive controller made with an 8255 PIO.

Minimum mode on the 8088 does not have any effect on the speed or capability of the microprocessor, it just changes the pinouts. In maximum mode the 8088 requres a third support chip to decode the extra signals and I didn't see any need to use it in a simple system like this. The IBM PC uses the 8088 in maxumum mode.



Simplified overview (PNG)