Homebrew 8080 Computer

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Here are the schematic and software for a Z80 Single Board Computer I put together. It is a relatively simple system and should be quite easy to reproduce.

Update (2011/08/22): Added a hard disk interface schematic and software.

Update (2011/08/23): Updated the Peripherals schematic to include a realtime clock. The clock works on a standard 32.768kHz crystal and is divided by the 8253 timer. When that times out, it increments a counter, which pulls the interrupt line low when there's a non-zero value on it. This allows multiple RTC interrupts to occur but not be dropped. The software should add the value of the counter to its clock. This is done in case there's a timeout during a floppy access where the interrupt might be missed.

Completed System

Things to download:
Source Distribution (2011/08/15)
Source code for Hard Disk CBIOS (2011/08/22)
Z80 CPU Schematic
Z80 Peripherals Schematic
Z80 IDE_Interface Schematic