Homebrew 8080 Computer

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Pictures of my 8080 projects.

8080 MkI Pictures
8080 MkI
8080 MkI again
Console Card
Serial Card
View of all cards (RAM, Serial, CPU)
CPU Card
Serial I/O Card
8" Floppy drive
Under 8" Floppy drive
Disk Size Comparison

8080 MkII Pictures
8080 MkII CPU Card
RAM Card
Interrupt and Timer card
Serial Card
Console Card (nolonger used)
Back of Console Card
8080 MkII in a nice new box!
Inside of box
8080 running CP/M 2.2
View of the 8080 with the floppy drives

I made a simple graphics card for the 8080 Mk II based on the MC6847 which was pulled from a dead Dick Smith VZ-200. The video output of the chip failed a few weeks after taking these photos.

Before I got colour working (there's a Luminance/Chrominance board that does that)
I never managed to get black to be black, it was always red.
Testing the high resoulution mode.
Some silliness!