Homebrew 8080 Computer

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The idea for creating this came about in a conversation with a friend about crazy things to make using analogue electronics. Pong seemed possible so I put this together. It took me about five days to complete. The closest thing that comes to digital logic in the circut is a 4016 analogue switch, which could probably be replaced with a JFET. The rest of the IC's are LM339 comparators, LM324 op-amps and a 556 dual timer. The usual mess of resistors, capacitors, diodes and transistors is there too.

To adjust for NTSC or PAL/SECAM, adjust the trimmers on the 556 timer. A frequency meter would be useful to get the frequencies exact. Adjusting the resisors above the trimmers to different values will adjust the range of the refresh rate.

Schematics. Sorry, they're photos of hand drawn diagrams. If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Sheet 1
Sheet 2
Sheet 3

These are some videos of the development.

And the usual: If you blow up anything it's your own fault :)