Homebrew 8080 Computer

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I'm not very good at keeping record of my circuits. I just tend to make them by ear. When I do make schematics for anything, though, I'll put them here. What is here doesn't represent the whole 8080 system, it's only a very small portion of it. A lot of the circuits can be guessed by reading the datasheets. This is what I do most of the time.

8080 Mk I Schematics:
8080_bus.txt Pinouts for the 50-pin bus
8080mk1_io_card.pdf I/O Card
8080mk1_ram_card.pdf RAM/ROM Card
8080mk1_console_card.pdf Console
8080mk1_cpu_card.pdf CPU Card

8080 Mk II Schematics:
8080mk2_ram_rom.pdf Bank switched RAM/ROM logic
8080mk2_interrupt.pdf 8214 based interrupt controller
8080mk2_console.pdf Console for the 8080
8080mk2_fdc.pdf FDC concept based on the 765 FDC, used in PC's. I'm now using a WD1772 from an old Atari ST.
8080_bus.pdf Description of the 64-pin bus

25/09/2010: I found this while scrounging around my filesystem.
8080eagle.zip Some of the original eagle schematics I drew in 2006.